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What did you think about my book “It’s all about passion!”?


Note: This post is a transcript of my “Passionate Productivity” newsletter which I sent to people who read my book “It’s all about Passion!” - if you want to be receiving emails from me in the future, get the book by signing up - thank you! I received lots of amazing replies and I’ll try to share some gems with you here later!

Hi there, I’m Michael Sliwinski and a little over a year ago, to celebrate my 35th birthday, I published a book about 7 types of passion I discovered when running my productivity startup - Nozbe.

Remember my book? Thanks for taking your time to read it! I appreciate it so much! More than 6000 people got to read it and you’re one of them!

What did you think about my book “It’s all about passion!”?

I asked you to give me your email address… but I never actually got back to you. The typical excuse: I was too busy running my company.

Well, now I decided to start writing to you. To establish a conversation. To get to know your passionate stories… and to tell you what I’m doing with my life to keep uncovering hidden passions in me.

I need a favor: what did you think about my book?

Before we dive in, I’m already blunt enough to ask you for a favor. Please write me back and tell me what you thought about the book. Be honest. No BS. Just tell me what you thought of it. I will read every reply. I promise.

Just hit “reply” and let me know.

(and if you’re reading this as a blog post - just post a comment below, thank you!)

Why am I asking for this? It’s because I want to write a new book next year and I want you to be a part of it… and I think together we can make it really great… but in order to move ahead with the new book project, I need to know what you thought about my “#passionbook”. What you liked, what you didn’t like, what you wanted more of, what you wanted less of…

Yes, that’s it for today. Let’s chat. I’ll write to you again later this month.

Question: What did you think about my book about 7 types of passion?

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