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Outliers - the story of success by Malcolm Gladwell - Audiobook of the week


Through many recommendations I finally bought this book and “read” it (if you know me, you’ll know that I never read, I listen to audiobooks). It’s a fantastic read by Malcolm Gladwell about a common (mis)conception about Outliers in our society. It opens your mind and especially for a young dad like me, helps shape your kid’s future:

Outliers - the story of success by Malcolm Gladwell - Audiobook of the week

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There are more “outliers” than we think. And there can be even more.

I always felt that it can’t be true that there are just a few geniuses out there and there can be more… that many didn’t have the same opportunities in life as others… but Malcolm Gladwell gives even stronger and more factual based arguments for this gut feeling of mine.

If we changed small things in schooling system, we’d have more outliers…

Sometimes it’s only about some small habits, small changes that will help us stimulate and inspire more children to be better. The common misconception is that we need to “spot” these geniuses early in life and shape them to become even better. Well, it’s not that easy, here are some examples:

And there is more! The definition of “outlier” is just not this easy….

What the book has really shown me is that it’s a lot more to be an outlier… and it helped me think about upbringing of my daughter and how to shape her to become an outlier - and that almost anyone can become one if the environment around them wants it… I highly recommend this read to see that many geniuses are not born… they are being shaped.

And what do you think?