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Remote or bust? Is Hybrid staying or are we forcing people back to the old-school office?


Now that the COVID Pandemic is over, what’s gonna happen to knowledge workers? Will managers force them back to the office? Or will people push back and demand flexibility? Who wins?

Remote or bust? Is Hybrid staying or are we forcing people back to the old-school office?

🤓 Managers lost the sense of control!

They were used to having people around in one place. Now that some are not there, managers must learn the new ways of leading their team. They must trust people to do their work. Managers must become leaders and mentors.

💪 Employees want agency!

They’ve seen and felt how flexibility of working from home impacts their performance. They don’t want to be cogs, they want to be treated seriously while also being able to completely re-define their lifestyle.

👩‍💻 Managers must optimize for productivity!

People not only do work from home. They work more and better when they are left alone in their home offices. So why not just leave them be and let them prove they exist by delivering great work?

🙅‍♂️ Employees don’t want to be interrupted!

Many business owners ask me how to motivate programmers? I always say the same thing - leave them the f… alone! Cancel their meetings. Don’t force them to sit and listen. Make them as much time to code as possible!

🏢 Let’s ask now: What is the office for?

If the hybrid work is here to stay, it’s time to justify the office. Maybe redesign it in such a way that people who go there really get the best out of it? Optimize the office for human interaction!

🛠️ Time to redefine the office as a tool!

After all, the office is no longer going to be the center of any team or company. It’s going to be one of the tools people are using to get their job done. Office is not a place to go, it’s a tool you sometimes use.

🏠 Hybrid is the future!

There will be lots of pushback. Managers and business owners will try to force their hand. But if they want the best to work with them, they’ll have to give in. It makes sense to start doing it now.

☁️ Office in the cloud is becoming the standard!

The source of truth is your cloud-powered IT system. For us, it’s our Nozbe application where all our projects, tasks and most of our files are. We can access it from any device, from anywhere in the world.

🚀 The future is here - embrace it!

There’s no fighting it. The technology is here and has been for a while now! People’s mindset is getting there as well, so it’s time for all decision-makers to start embracing and not fighting it.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 /officeback/