Hello, I’m Michael Sliwinski, founder of Nozbe - to-do app for business owners and their teams. I write essays, books, work on projects and I podcast for you using #iPadOnly in #NoOffice as I believe that work is not a place you go to, it’s a thing you do. More…

Why at Nozbe we’re giving away free productivity consultation?


The biggest problem we face at Nozbe ✅ is that we are in business of changing habits of entire teams that need to work differently to get better results. So we decided to offer a free 30-min video call with us:

Why at Nozbe we’re giving away free productivity consultation?

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📩 Asynchronous Communication: Say goodbye to chaos and hello to efficient team communication.

We’ll ask you a few questions about your industry and the way you’re doing things now, and show you a new path with a simple structure of projects and tasks.

🚫 How to ditch Email for internal communication?

We’ll show you how to communicate everything with comments attached to tasks or projects. No more internal email! Even external email will be streamlined.

✅ Using tasks as everyone’s new way of getting stuff done

We’ll show you our task-centric approach. Where tasks are not just things to do, but also ideas, discussions and notes from meetings.

🙅‍♂️ Fewer meetings! How to avoid meetings that could have been a comment.

We will show you how you can gain hours of productive time by avoiding unnecessary “status” meetings. How you can move a project forward with a thoughtful comment!

🫵 Our consultation is about you and your business

We will listen to you sharing what’s not working perfectly in your team, and together we’ll explore how our proven methods can benefit your business.

🔎 We’ll provide you with extra resources

By the time our 30-minute window is done, we’ll provide you with some extra learning resources. Only if you’re ready for next step, we’ll schedule another meeting to show you how Nozbe can elevate your team’s productivity.

🚀 Start your productivity transformation today

Seriously, this is not a sales call! It’s an opportunity to transform the way your team works by experts who have been doing this for the last 16+ years. Spots are limited, claim yours at:


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