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The apps and services we use at our remotely-working company


At Nozbe we all work remotely and to communicate and work effectively we use a few apps and services that help us get things done. The other day someone asked me about it on Twitter and I tweeted back but in this short post I’d like to elaborate a little more on our choice of apps:

The apps and services we use at our remotely-working company

Nozbe - we “eat our dog food” so we use our very own app not only to manage tasks and projects but also to communicate effectively through tasks. We don’t send emails to each other.

Slack - as a company chat. And as a personal chat between people.

Skype - as a video and audio chat software. Although not as good as it used to be.

Dropbox - we share files through this service. This very blogging platform is based on it, too.

Two services I didn’t mention in my tweet:

Evernote - we create notes in Evernote and attach them to tasks in Nozbe thanks to our great integration.

Github - we write and collaborate on code through Github. Really good.

Two bonus apps:

iMessage - with folks who have Apple devices I prefer to chat through this. Works great with my Apple Watch

1Password - to share passwords between people (syncs through Dropbox)

Question: What’s missing on this list? What do you use?

P.S. No email here. My assistant checks mine. Why? Because my team has my highest priority, and with them I’m in touch through Nozbe.

Friday, August 21, 2015 /noofficeapps/