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Why it’s important to define your team’s CORE VALUES?


At Nozbe after a long back and forth, we settled on 4 core values: Passion, Simplicity, Freedom and Fairness. Here’s what they mean to us:

Why it’s important to define your team’s CORE VALUES?

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1️⃣ P is for Passion

We’re passionate about productivity. We believe that passion is what drives us to be working on Nozbe all these 16 years. I wrote a book about “7 types of passion” that keep motivating me!

2️⃣ S is for Simplicity

Nozbe’s goal is to be powerful, yet simple to use. Most of all - simple to get started and get going. We keep using the “simple stick” when we design new features. We keep simplifying our workflows.

✅ Nozbe’s mission is based on Passion and Simplicity:

“Nozbe helps smart business owners take control of their personal and business life in one app in a simple way”.

3️⃣ F is for Freedom ✌️

We believe that “work is not a place to go, it’s a thing to do!” We are free to work from anywhere, anytime, on any device! #NoOffice way!

4️⃣ F is for Fairness

Life is not fair but we are free to try to make it so. We strive to be fair to ourselves as well as to our customers and users. We offer fair prices, fair salaries and we strive for transparency.

💥 PSFF - Passion, Simplicity, Freedom and Fairness!

As acronym it sucks, but as CORE VALUES we believe these are strong. They embrace trust, transparency, respect and yes… making the world a better place. 🌎

🤔 Future and current decisions must be filtered through these four values!

Core values serve as a filter for good decisions. Every team should choose their own values. It doesn’t mean we don’t value other things, too. It just means these 4️⃣ are the most important!

💜 If you share our values, why don’t you give Nozbe a try?

If passion, simplicity, freedom and fairness resonate with you, try Nozbe to get your personal and business things done - we’re running a special Black Friday ☑️ promo:

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