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Let’s chat about promotions, regular blogging, podcasting and working remotely


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Today is the 1st day of December, so your thoughts might already be focused on Christmas and the New Year. Yes, 2016 is coming. Pretty soon. I’m the same. I’m also wrapping things up and getting ready to sum up the year and focus on the new one. Hope you’ll find these updates really helpful:

Let’s chat about promotions, regular blogging, podcasting and working remotely

Today is the last day of our Nozbe Thanksgiving weekend sale - 4 months free if you prepay for a year. I really think this is the best time for our Nozbe users to choose our productivity solution - we’ve improved so much this year and we’ve got many great plans for the next one, including Nozbe 3. If you’ve been considering a task and project management solution, today is a great time to check Nozbe out. More things:

I started posting regularly about “NoOffice”, which is the tentative title of my upcoming book about working remotely. This is a big project for me for the 2016. This will be a productivity-focused book with proven solutions for dispersed teams and people working remotely from small offices or homes. Would you be interested in a book like this? If so, what do you need to know? Write back to me and let me know!

I keep recording my weekly “The Podcast” where me and Radek, Nozbe’s VP of Apple Technologies. We share our productivity tips and tricks, we talk about working remotely (how we do it at Nozbe) and share behind-the-scenes experiences of running a 20+ people company building a productivity solution for hundreds of thousands of people and teams all around the world. Are you a listener? If so, let me know how you like our show!

And I keep blogging 4-5 times a week, so make sure to check out my posts and let me know what you think. Recently I started testing and writing about my iPad Pro and so far I like it a lot.

Anyway, don’t be a stranger, reply to this email or ping me on Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks for reading my book “It’s All About Passion” and hope you’re as passionately waiting for the new year as I am. And if we don’t chat until then, let me also wish you a Merry Christmas :-)

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