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Migrating to a new computer is too easy… if it’s a Mac


I bought my new Macbook Air two months ago and as you know, I love it. I even showed it to Michael Hyatt and he got one and loves it, too. It’s my 3rd Mac… (my 3rd Macbook Air by the way…) and every time I was migrating to a new Mac, the process was very simple… for a geek like me, too easy actually:

Migrating to a new computer is too easy… if it’s a Mac

Before - the PC/Windows way:

Before I switched to a Mac a little over 2 years ago, I had several Windows laptops and the process of moving between them was very long, but I kinda loved it - I had a chance of installing Windows again from scratch, I had a chance to see what kind of Crapware the laptop manufacturer had installed for me and had to remove most of it. Hell, there was even a special hack to install Windows from scratch on my last PC laptop (Lenovo X60Tablet) because it ran like 2 times faster without the IBM’s crapware pre-installed.

Then when Windows was installed and crapware was gone, I had to spend my time installing my favorite apps from scratch. Office and other usual suspects take time to install… so the whole process took at least half a day, if not more. Usually a day and a few days to tweak my settings in all of these apps.

Let’s re-cap: New laptop, 1 day to install what i need, a few more days to configure and be up and running. Sad but true.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a geek and I love tweaking my new laptop, but it all took just too much time. I didn’t know there was a better way.

After - Migration Assistant and Time Machine:

When I was buying my newest Mac, I was on a business trip in Chicago. I didn’t have “all my home gear” with me to help me transfer my files or my installation disks, or any of that stuff. I didn’t even need that. All I did was this:

That’s it! After 45 minutes my new Mac had everything installed - my apps, my settings, my life… everything. I was up and running on my new toy and could actually enjoy it even more… not to mention I was productive right off the bat with the new laptop.

Before: A few days, After: 45 minutes.

This is Mac-powered productivity at its best. Thanks Apple for figuring out a way to make this usually painful process such a breeze.