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Launching Michael’s Team Productivity Show with 13 stories celebrating 13 years of Nozbe


This year instead of blogging more I wanted to do something different and as our Nozbe Teams app is getting ready for launch I decided to start a new vlog/podcast focused on Team Productivity - how to get stuff done better in a team - with experience from running my own all-remote team and other teams using our apps - and to kick off I’m starting with the past by sharing the most memorable 13 stories from our 13-year history.

I’ll be publishing the vlog weekly on Nozbe Blog so make sure to subscribe to our blog or Nozbe YouTube Channel.

13 stories in 13 years of Nozbe shared in this video:

  1. The itch - to write my own app and help me be more productive
  2. The tech - how I fell in love with dynamic web sites and the new “web 2.0 Ajax” technology
  3. The launch - how it launched and how it got traction
  4. The money - how we got our first 100 paying customers that voted with their wallet to support Nozbe
  5. The side project - how I ran Nozbe completely on the side for the first year and when I went full time with it
  6. The iPhone - how I built “iNozbe” in a week after the iPhone launched in the US
  7. The iOS apps - how we built the first iPhone and iPad apps as the iPad launched
  8. The sync - how our web-based strategy went to the cloud.
  9. The team - how our team grew from me, 3 of us… and now 22.
  10. The servant - how my role in the company changed as the CEO and founder
  11. The magazine - how we ran Productive! Magazine between 2008-2016
  12. The podcast - how we’ve decided to start a podcast (and we just celebrated the 200th episode!)
  13. The future - what the future holds for us and why it’s tightly connected with Nozbe Teams.

Hope you like this casual format of my vlog - let me know what you think in the comments on the Nozbe Blog. Thanks!

Monday, February 24, 2020 /michaelteam/