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Making Ideas Happen - Audiobook of the week


My first post this year in my weekly book series is perfect for the New Year - it’s about making ideas happen.

Making Ideas Happen - Audiobook of the week

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It’s all about execution

We all have lots of ideas and we’d love to see most of them come true… but the day is only 24 hours long for everyone and with day jobs and family obligations it’s really hard to make our ideas reality. And when we have these ideas, we believe they are worth a lot of money… because they are great ideas… but with only an idea, without a great execution… you will not change the world.

To start executing an idea, you need to get organized first.

That’s right. Go sign up for Nozbe and get organized :-)

OK, it’s a little more complicated than that. It’s about organizing the whole process around executing an idea. About designing good projects and tasks that lead you to the execution and about getting it all done. Scott suggests Action Method, I still prefer the GTD (Getting Things Done) with Nozbe combo… but it’s more about organizing yourself so that you can approach the idea with more clarity and focus.

To execute an idea well, you need to recognize you’re not alone.

I’ve started my online business as one-man-shop and I loved it. The problem with guys like me however is that… it’s actually not that easy to do everything by oneself. Only when I started recognizing this and hiring great, talented people to help me out, I realized I could get a lot more done. This is where Scott suggests to leverage the power of the community and focus on collaboration. Now that I’ve grown my Nozbe team a lot more these past few months, I can admit synergies with other people are really great.

To execute with vision and direction, you need to lead it.

It’s all about being a leader and stepping up. First you lead yourself when you get organize, later you excite great people around the idea and then you become a leader who empowers them to make great things and convert the idea into something even better. Being a leader is not that easy and very often you have tough decision to face, but if you can ignite enough passion in your team, you’ll get the idea done and convert it to something meaningful. You’ll make a dent in the universe :-)

I wish you all to Make Great Ideas Happen in 2011!

Hope the idea-making guidelines found in Scott’s book will help you achieve great things this year. I also have great plans for 2011 and I’m now doing everything I can to get them done. Good luck!