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Is Google Wave an Email 2.0 service? What about Inbox Zero?


So I received my Google Wave invite and started playing around… if you don’t know what Google Wave is, make sure to check out this great (but very long) intro video. So here’s how Google Wave looks like:

Is Google Wave an Email 2.0 service? What about Inbox Zero?

Well it looks pretty much like Gmail (or any other email client for that matter), doesn’t it?

It does, but it can do more - it can be a live chat, a product collaboration, an email on steroids, a word processor, an app container (Nozbe for Wave?) thanks to the API and widgets….

All in all, it can be a lot, it can be a new wave of productivity movement….

… or not :-(

I’m just not sure I like this kind of all-in-one or all-you-can-eat product.

I still haven’t tested Google Wave fully, I just received my invite and started waving with my friends but the problem is, that I believe when I start using it fully… I may want to stop quickly.

There is just too much noise. Too many things happening.

Why I still prefer Email?

With Email I have a steady workflow

As I explained in one of my videos, I check email, reply if it’s less than 2 minutes (GTD 2-minute rule), move to “reply” folder when I want to deal with the thing later, and move other stuff to “all mail” or trash.

This process keeps me sane, makes sure I don’t live in email and have time to do other things.

I’m just afraid that after initial “wow” the Wave will not improve my productivity, or even make it worse…

Questions: Have you tried Google Wave? What’s your initial reaction? Will you be switching from email to Wave?