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My iPad setup. And accessories. How I get things done on my iOS devices.


Although I bought an enormous iMac 5K I still use my iOS devices as my main computers: my iPad Air 2 and my iPhone 6 Plus. I keep receiving questions about my setup. What keyboards I use? Which accessories I recommend to buy? I’ve talked all about it on my blog but let’s put all the answers here:

My iPad setup. And accessories. How I get things done on my iOS devices.


I still use my Logitech Ultrathin with my iPad. I just love typing on it. Here’s my review of Logitech Ultrathin. I also use other keyboards from time to time.


I use a standard Smart Cover from Apple. I don’t like bulky cases on my iPad. That’s how I roll.


When I carry my Canon camera, I put my iPad inside the camera bag - it has a special place for the iPad.

When I just want to carry an iPad and nothing else, the Japanese messenger bag comes in handy.

Last but not least…

And when in my home office, I use the Dekke Slope stand. You can see it on the photos. It’s very practical and it looks amazing.

I touch type even on glass. Thanks to the TapTyping app. Get this app, it’ll help you be a really proficient iPad owner. And of course I encourage you to read my and Augusto’s #iPadOnly book.

Question: how do you work on your iPad?

Thursday, July 9, 2015 /ipadsetup/