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How to do a Weekly Review explained in 3 minutes (video)

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Today is Friday so it’s time for a weekly review and as I was playing on my instagram account I decided to record a short vertical video about it, where I feature my template for a weekly review, here goes:

In short, the concept of a weekly review is to have this habit to regularly review your past week and plan your next week. It’s the moment to take time to slow down, have an honest meeting with yourself and see what happened… and plan what’s going to happen.

I like doing my weekly reviews on Fridays, because this way I go into the weekend with all my work issues closed and with a plan for next week. This way on Mondays I don’t have to think what to do, I just start the day with a plan prepared beforehand.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this short video and hope you’ll take your time to do your review.

Question: Did you do your weekly review today?

Friday, July 20, 2018 /igtv-review/