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Why it’s so great to be in a “good” business and what it means to me, my team and you


This year we doubled our Nozbe Team so we’ve been doing lots of hiring to get this done. And an interview with me is always the last stage of our hiring process. This is where I not only try to “judge” the new candidate. If I feel the person is a right fit for us, this is where I get them excited about working with us. And not only with perks and NoOffice lifestyle we offer, but mostly with the fact that we’re a “good” business. Here’s what I mean:

Why it’s so great to be in a “good” business and what it means to me, my team and you

Our business improves people’s lives

This is my definition of a “good” business. It’s a business that improves people’s lives.

We live in a busy world…

Especially now in this hectic world our software, Nozbe helps people get organized and get their goals done. Every day thousands upon thousands of busy professionals fire up their Nozbe app on their computer or mobile device to help them get through their busy day.

The thing is, I can’t imagine working in a business that doesn’t improve people’s lives. I know people work for cigarette companies or sell products people never wanted in the first place. I’m not judging, I’m just happy I am in a business that helps others.

And it’s not really easy or stress free. This is a privilege and a huge responsibility! People trust us with their projects and tasks. Goals and ambitions. Hopes and dreams. Yet I wouldn’t want to be in any other business. That’s what I call a “good” business and this is what I tell my team - we are doing something useful and we are on a mission to make the world a better place. This is good.

Question: What’s your “good” business about? Let me know!

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