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FCKPTN: Russia is a terrorist state. Updates on War in Ukraine 🇺🇦


This page are my regular updates on the state of the Russia’s terrorist attack on Ukraine - Putin’s act of War which has been going on for more than 7 months now. Remember, Ukraine 🇺🇦 is not just fighting for its freedom, but for freedom of all the European Union 🇪🇺 and the world! ✌️ Fuck Putin! FCKPTN! 🖕

FCKPTN: Russia is a terrorist state. Updates on War in Ukraine 🇺🇦

FCKPTN Updates

October 14 - Russian are using rape as a weapon of war in Ukraine

Russia🇷🇺 is using rape as part of a deliberate military strategy in Ukraine🇺🇦 Russian troops have raped more than 100 Ukrainians with victims as young as FOUR (4 years old‼️) as part of military strategy that has seen troops equipped with Viagra, @UN says

Daily Mail reports

October 13 - Angela Merkel - no regrets on energy policy with Russia

Apparently admitting mistakes is not her thing

October 13 - children kidnapped from Ukraine are being adopted in Russia far away…

…truly awful: Secrecy of adoption will never let them learn were their parents killed, sent to concentration camps or deported

October 12 - Russia’s losses amount to 90K soldiers!

Russia’s “irrecoverable losses” in the war with Ukraine have just become known: according to an FSB source, that figure is 90K

October 10 - Retaliation by Russia - cruise missiles all over Ukraine - target mainly civilians!

BTW, here’s Russian’s effort to cancel Ukrainian culture

October 7/8 - The bridge to Crimea has been blown up!

October 7 - Finnish prime minister tells Russia to leave Ukraine

She’s brilliant

October 6 - Russian terrorist attack on Zaporizhzhia. 7 missile strikes on residential buildings…

…in the city center!

October 5 - Czech Republic annexes Kaliningrad

October 3 - Russia annexes two region with fake referendums

The kremlin will consult its alter ego to define the boundaries of its insanity.

Elon Musk suggests legitimizing annexation to which Ukraine’s ambassador responds. All that Starlink’s goodwill gone. Is he a Russian colonel?

Update on October 14 - he doesn’t wan to pay for Starlink satellites in Ukraine, yet Ukrainians actually are paying for it out of their pockets!

Update on October 15 - he backs out!

October 2 - Pope Francis adresses president Zelensky to accept a “peace deal”

Writes in both Russian and Ukrainian, does not mention Russia as agressor, asks for the victim to accept peace

September 30 - Missiles slammed into a car market in southern Ukraine, killing at least 23 people

…leaving bodies strewn across the ground, in an attack local officials blamed on Russia

September 27 - Nord Stream near Bornholm leaks, probably destroyed by Russian underwater ship

September 24 - more Air Raids in Ukraine

Civilians and children still being ruthlessly killed by Russian missiles - why are we not closing the Ukrainian Air Space???

September 21 - 7 Months in, Putin announced a partial mobilization order for some 300,000 reservists to join the war.

Russians panicking about mobilization 7 months into the war is fascinating to me. Did you not know your country started the bloodiest war in Europe since WWII? Were you really hoping to not be personally affected by it at all? You thought only minorities would be sent to die?

September 15 - 1000 dead bodies have been found in the newly captured town of Izyum, held by Russia for many months

Another Bucha, more Russian atrocities

September 14 - War in one word? Good. In two words? Not good.

How generals lie to Putin

September 11 - pundits on Russian TV realize that their military is failing and their country is in trouble

Life comes at you fast

September 1 - FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL - but not in 77 schools in Ukraine!

77 schools have been destroyed in half a year!

September 1 - Ravil Maganov, chairman of Russian Lukoil, falls from a window of a hospital

Key people in Russia have the weirdest accidents

August 26 - Pope Francis remarks the death of Dugin’s daughter as the “death of the innocent”

I think of all the cruelty—of so many innocents who are paying the price for this madness. The madness is from all sides because war is madness and no one who is in a war can say, “No, I am not mad.” War is mad. I think of a poor girl who was blown up by a bomb under her car seat in Moscow. The innocent pay for war. The innocent. Rome Reports

Dmytro Kuleba, Ukrainian foreign minister… argues that Darya Dugina was not so innocent and calls her an advocate of Russian imperialism. He denies Ukraine’s involvement in her murder and accuses Russia of killing her in order to create a martyr and blame Ukrainians.

August 21 - Six months of the war!

The Guardian reports

Before and after - Kyiv region

AFP Photo report

August 17 - GOOD NEWS! 1,000 orphans between the ages of 3 and 18 from all across Ukraine…

…temporarily live at a hotel with their guardians near Warsaw, Poland

August 16 - Russian Oligarchs are NOT really being sanctioned - Alexey Navalny reports

From Day 1, Western leaders firmly stated  that Putin’s oligarchs and bribe-takers would face imminent sanctions and wouldn’t get away this time. But they did.

We must get the foreign officials to support our List of 6,000 or create their own instead of babbling on endlessly!

August 6 - Daily Mail reports war crimes in Kherson, The Guardian reports burnings!

War reporter exposes unimaginable evil in Kherson

…and The Guardian reports burning Ukrainians to death in a Russian prison camp

August 5 - Putin and Erdogan talk again, boost corporation and agree on rouble payments

Disgraceful. Turkey is complicit.

August 4 - Amnesty International disgraces itself by victim-blaming Ukraine

Ukrainian forces have put civilians in harm’s way by establishing bases and operating weapons systems in populated residential areas. Amnesty Tweet

Amnesty International works for Putin now? Seriously, they are.

July 25 - Russians terrorize occupied Ukraine

“Russian forces have turned occupied areas of southern Ukraine into an abyss of fear and wild lawlessness…Torture, inhumane treatment, as well as arbitrary detention of civilians, are among the apparent war crimes we have documented.” By HRW

July 24 - NO WAR slogans in Germany are Russian propaganda

«НЕТ ВОЙНЕ» reeks of privilege and virtue signalling. If you can say “no to war”, then you’re not at war; there is no russian army destroying your home and killing your loved ones.

July 23 - After a deal for grain export, Putin celebrates with striking Odesa

Deals with Putin make no sense.

July 19 - Erdogan meets Putin yet again

And he makes Putin wait.

July 17 - 8th year anniversary of MH17 airplane shot down by Russian BUK

I still can’t believe it’s been 8 years and all the western governments did not condemn Kremlin despite Russian army shot down a civilian plane with 298 people on board.

July 8 - Russian army is looting Ukraine

The city of Mariupol has been completely destroyed by Russian invaders. Prior to the war, 450k people were living there. Now it’s less than 100k. Not only have the buildings been completely damaged but apparently Russian invaders have been looting the city museums. Just like the Nazi Germany in the WWII.

July 7 - G20 Summit starts with Russia’s foreign minister participating

It’s hard for me to imagine that Sergey Lavrov - Russia’s minister of foreign affairs can actively participate in a summit along with other leaders - while Russia is attacking Ukraine and, by proxy, their countries. He should be handcuffed and sent to The Hague if you ask me. He eventually left the Summit as he was completely ignored.

July 5 - Finland and Sweden are joining NATO

As a direct result of the threat of Russia attacking other countries beyond Ukraine, Finland and Sweden have started their process of joining NATO, especially after Turkey said YES to the expansion on June 29. When will NATO expand to Ukraine to show Putin a true middle finger?

Losses of Russia since February 24 (in 132 days of war)

According to Ukrainian intelligence Russia lost:

July 1 - missile attack on Odessa

At least 20 people died and 30 were wounded on the missile attack on Odessa - one hit an apartment building and the other a SPA resort.

Again, a vicious terrorist attack. These were not military objectives. The attack was performed at 2 am when people were sleeping. This is what Putin does. He’s the most dangerous terrorist on the planet right now.

June 28 - missile attack on a shopping mall

Missile attack on a shopping mall in Krzemienczuk in Ukraine while people were actively shopping there. More than 20 people died and countless wounded.

President Zelensky:

After today’s deadly missile attacks in Ukraine, Zelensky says “the Russian state has become the largest terrorist organization in the world. And this is a fact.” He tells the international community that doing any business with Russia “means giving money to terrorists.”

June 23 - Ukraine 🇺🇦 and Moldova 🇲🇩 are officially EU candidates

Both countries have an official status of European Union 🇪🇺 member state candidates. Finally.

Why this page?

It’s been more than 100 days of the Russia’s war on Ukraine 🇺🇦 and I still can’t believe it’s going on. Today. Right around the corner in a neighboring country to mine (I’m from Poland 🇵🇱). In 21st century. But it’s true and it’s still going on. And we can’t just accept it, we can’t just live our lives normally while people in Ukraine are fighting not just for their freedom but also for our freedom, too! That’s why I’ll be updating this page with recent developments to remind myself that the war is going on and that Ukraine must win and Putin’s Russia must lose. Fuck Putin (FCKPTN!). I will be updating this post regularly to remind myself and all of you reading this, that the war is there and it’s going on and we must do anything we do to help Ukraine win this. They’re not just fighting for their freedom, they’re fighting for the freedom of all the European Union 🇪🇺 and the world! ✌️

Who is on the FCKPTN photo above? It’s my Nozbe team in the FCKPTN t-shirts. We are United with Ukraine 🇺🇦.

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