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Fascinate by Sally Hogshead - audiobook of the week


This week I’ve got a really cool book I listened to recently and it’s about what fascinates us and how to fascinate others.

Fascinate by Sally Hogshead - audiobook of the week

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It’s all about 7 triggers

Sally (who is reading the book as well) mentions 7 triggers of fascination and these are:

This may be something you know already but the book digs down to discover what are the reasons and roots of these triggers and some are totally different from what we’d assume.

You can mix triggers… but carefully

The thing is, that using communication medium like ads and PR actions… we can choose to use the triggers that we’d believe appeal to our users most. The key is to mix the triggers well and not to over-do or under-do with any of them. If you focus too much on the “trust”, your offering may become dull in the eyes of your customers… if you provide reliable service but choose to go too far wtih “mystique”, folks may not trust you anymore and might go away.

I never thought about fascination that much before

It’s not something marketers think too much. We tend to focus on conversion rates and triggers that help people convert to paying customers… yet we underestimate the power of fascination and how a fascinating bond between the offering and the customer may lead to some great following and faithful advocates. Just think about Apple fanboys like me who can’t wait what Steve Jobs has to show them every time.

What do you find fascinating today?