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Need your opinion on my blogging every day… and my new productivity video course


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Michael Sliwinski here, the author of the book: “It’s All About Passion” and the CEO of Nozbe. It’s been a while (actually 3 months) since I’ve written to you, so I wanted to touch base and let you know what I was up to this Summer here in Europe. I’d like to ask you for feedback on two things: my regular blogging and my new free video productivity series. Here goes:

Need your opinion on my blogging every day… and my new productivity video course

I’ve been blogging every weekday for the last 3 months, did you like it?

After I only posted once in May, I started writing regularly in June and I’ve been continuing in July and August… and now we’re in September and I keep writing every weekday on my blog. It’s been great so far. It gives me an opportunity to share and “ship” something valuable to you every day. I intend to keep doing that, but I’d like to know if you like it this way.

Do you think I should keep the pace? Do you like my posts? (if you haven’t been to my blog, come over to my blog, read a few last posts and let let me know.)

Do you have a perfect Digital Productivity System?

This summer time gave me a few moments to breathe and also think about my whole “productivity business”. Even though there are many productivity systems out there and Nozbe is facing lots of competition from all over the world, I’ve come to realize that our biggest competitor is “non-consumption”.

This means people are still managing their tasks on post-it notes and collaborating with others via email. And these “systems” don’t scale.

That’s why I created a new video series for everyone who doesn’t know where to start creating their own productivity system.

I’ve recorded three videos and I need your feedback on them:

Video 1 - Inbox and Priority list - how to first “clear your head” and put every task you’re thinking about in one place.

Video 2 - Projects and Categories - next step in productivity, start organizing your tasks and divide them into projects… and use categories to batch things together.

Video 3 - Collaboration - yes, there’s a better way of working with other people than via email. To prove my point I pull back the curtain and show how I work with my assistant.

Now, as a reader of my blog and my book, I really need your opinion on this. Please sign up for this free video series and let me know what you think. Watch the first video and than the second when it becomes available… and then the third, and reply to this email and tell me what you thought about it.

Was this helpful? Should I do more of these? What was missing? What was that you already knew? Or that you didn’t know?

This was a new project for me and I really wanted to make creating a good and effective productivity system as easy as possible for everyone. Do you think I succeeded?

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