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Don’t disturb - genius at work


Starting this September we moved to a new home with my family and I had to set up my new home office all over again. It’s my third home office in 3 years, I previously featured my first one based on Ikea cabinet, later in a new apartment I had a separate room with a big wide desk, and this time I also have a separate room, but for many practical reasons I focused on building it as minimalistic as possible and with mostly IKEA furniture - here’s a sneak peak of the work-in-progress:

Don’t disturb - genius at work

Why “genius at work”? I’m no genius, but I love this kind of genius work!

The office is almost ready and I’ll post more pictures soon, but in this post I’d like to focus on the key question - why am I doing all this mess and why do I take so much time to build my own home office?

Why am I building a home office myself?

I just moved to a new place. There are many things to take care of. I’m also ultra-busy running a successful productivity software company and a magazine… and yet I take my time to build a perfect home office just for me. Why?

It’s where I get things done

I don’t rent an office. I work from home. My home office is my office. All of my co-workers work from home. It’s essential to create the best working environment for myself so that I can really get some serious stuff done. I’m actually going to write a book about it :-) Yes, it is a lifestyle choice and I love it.

It’s where I feel great

I want my office to be “my thing” and I want to feel great there. This is why I’m taking so much time to build it right. I never expected to move to a new home last year… or the year before… but I love to move and live in different places and when I do - I want to have a good working environment there.

It’s pure fun

I love doing it. I love figuring out how to put cables, how to mount my gear, how to design my tables, how to… basically everything. I love the process and it makes me feel great. And it makes my home office really “mine”.

What about that “genius”?

Well, when I was young and I didn’t want my parents to disturb me, I’d put a sign on my door: “Don’t disturb, genius at work” - now that I get to build my own home office it reminds me of these times. I may actually put a similar sign on the door again to let the rest of my family know I’m working… we’ll see :-)

More details and pics next week - you’ll see how my “genius zone” looks after it’s done. It’s almost done and I love it already! How does your genius zone look like?

Thursday, September 16, 2010 /dont-disturb-genius-at-work/