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Big city life and daily commute not for me. For you?


Just came from a trip to Seoul in South Korea. Now I’m focused on my home office renovation. I’ll post about it later next week. This all made me think. I remember being in the big city, seeing so many people commute to work every single day. Traffic jams, full metro… And thinking… does it have to be this way? - and here’s what I think:

Big city life and daily commute not for me. For you?

Stuck in a traffic jam

Every day the same time spent in the traffic jam. Or in the metro jam. Just being stuck and knowing you’re going to get to work in an hour if you’re lucky. An hour lost. And then an hour back. Two hours gone. Every day.

And yes, you can try to make these two hours more productive by reading, listening to podcasts or audiobooks, but still research shows these are the most stressful two hours in people’s lives.

No way to make work more flexible

Can’t believe in this age so many companies don’t know any better. They need their employees there in these offices in downtown. They need people to commute although most of them could be doing their work from home or remote shared offices.

I’m not saying I’m better. Or my life is better. I just love the fact that I work from home and all of my 20+ people team work from their homes. That I can focus on renovating my home office and that I can work from anywhere. And that as an employer I can empower my people to work the same way. This is Internet age. More companies should be flexible and embrace the “NoOffice” paradigm.

Work is not a place to go. It’s a thing you do. Right?

Question: would you want to work from home? Or from anywhere you’d desire?

Friday, June 5, 2015 /dailycommute/