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Clarity - why our new message that Nozbe Teams becomes the new Nozbe resonates with people


As we celebrated 15 years of Nozbe we made a big announcement that our latest product that we launched less than 2 years ago, became the new Nozbe. In the same time we explained that our Nozbe Personal users are taken care of, and we’ve got options for them. Apart from the birthday announcement, we also improved the “Compare” page that explains the differences between both apps in detail and I recorded a special video for this: More info ℹ️ at

Before clarity, there’s confusion and an attempt at doing something new!

When we launched the artist formerly known as Nozbe Teams two years ago we wanted to re-create a new Nozbe but we knew the application wasn’t ready to match our fantastic Nozbe Personal with features. We focused on the teams first and decided to try being a two-product company. A Nozbe company having two apps: Nozbe Teams and Nozbe Personal.

This all sounded simple and straightforward.

But it wasn’t.

Our users and visitors were confused. Nozbe Personal users didn’t know what’s gonna happen with their app. Nozbe web site visitors didn’t know which app is for them. Nozbe Teams users were not sure if they wanted to try the new thing. It was chaos.

Launching a new version of a trusted system is risky!

The problem I was facing as the CEO of the company was that our users trusted Nozbe to help them get their things done. So I couldn’t just impose a new version of Nozbe on them just because we had some new ideas and a new vision for the future.

I wanted to keep both Nozbe Personal users happy by keeping their app as is, and Nozbe Teams users happy by iterating quickly and building new features fast.

It turns out, you can’t keep everyone happy. Something’s gotta give.

The moment of clarity - let’s embrace the new Nozbe!

I knew the Nozbe Teams will have to become the new Nozbe. It was a better app, it had better productivity principles and a technology ready for a decade or more to come.

I was afraid to announce this to the world.

Over the past half a year we’ve been discussing this internally with the team - how to do it? How to make the step? How to prepare the announcement? How to make it all work?

We decided to take the opportunity of celebrating 15th anniversary of Nozbe and do it then. And only a few weeks back we decided to completely drop the name Nozbe Teams and just make it the new Nozbe.

Clarity in action: announcement that Nozbe Teams is the new Nozbe, followed by a transparent plan for the future.

This was the ultimate moment of clarity - the future is clear - Nozbe Teams becomes the new Nozbe.

But that’s not enough. What follows are additional announcements:

And I think this was the key of our announcement: clarity about the product and the future and a plan to make that happen.

Surprised and encouraged by the response! Clarity works!

It turns out that if you have a clear vision for your product and a realistic plan to make it all happen, this resonates with people!

I was expecting lots of backlash but instead got words of encouragement from everyone on social media! Suddenly people knew what we were trying to do here, what is the future for our product and how we’re going to make it a reality. And they were praising us for making it so clear for them!

When there’s clarity, there’s action!

Praise was nice, but what followed was action! Hundreds of Nozbe Personal users went ahead and migrated to the new Nozbe. Many of our past users started setting up accounts again as they saw that the future of Nozbe was clear and bright.

We turned it up a notch by giving away $15 bucks!

To celebrate our birthday and the new clear path going forward, we came up with a simple promo - get $15 bucks of free credit if you migrate to the new Nozbe or set up a new team in there. You can later use this credit towards your Nozbe Premium upgrade or we can pay it out to you if you accumulate more credits by promoting Nozbe as our affiliate.

The special $15 dollar bonus is only valid until February 15 of 2022 as a part of 15 years of Nozbe celebration.

It turns out, not only do we have the clarity of vision and plan going forward, but we also give away money to encourage you to help us get there faster!

Now that’s clarity!

Again, thanks so much for your support all these years! Let’s make Nozbe the new standard of productivity for the future to come!

Thursday, February 3, 2022 /clarity/