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Begin again: why starting my second company (Remag) is scary, exciting and humbling…


I’m on my way to Wordcamp London to get feedback on Remag from the the best and the brightest in the Wordpress community… And this whole trip is actually a very strange experience for me. It’s a mixed bag of scare and excitement and everything in between. Let me explain:

Begin again: why starting my second company (Remag) is scary, exciting and humbling…

Why I’m scared

I’ve been running Nozbe for the last 8 years with amazing success. We have hundreds of thousands of users from all over the world and we’re highly profitable with an amazing team which only this year will grow from 20-30 people.

I’m scared to divide my attention between two companies. I’m scared to start something new when the thing I already have has achieved so much success. I’m scared to be a beginner again when I’m already one of the most influential productivity people out there. I’m scared to fail. I’m scared this new venture is ahead of its time and nobody will get it… I’m really really scared.

Why I’m excited

I’m starting something new! I will get to know a totally different world of digital publishing and not productivity. I’m going to Wordcamp London where I know no one. Nobody. It’s a completely new world for me. It’s very exciting.

I’ll hopefully get a chance to get my very first customers again. Very first people who will believe in my vision of the future of digital mobile publishing. First folks who’ll tell me my solution sucks. Or rocks. Or is so-so. And if we get traction like I hope we will I’ll have an exciting time building a second company from the ground up.

Why I’m humbled

I’m a beginner again. My position in the new industry is non-existent. I know nobody. I am suddenly nobody. I’m just another guy with a startup which is trying to gain traction. I need to suck up my ego and start from square one. Like I haven’t done in the last 8 years.

But I’m going to do it. Because I believe so much in the product and in my team that I can’t just shelve it all because I’m scared to begin again.

Time to embrace the new beginning!

Question: Have you had a chance to begin something new lately?

Friday, March 20, 2015 /begin-again/