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Audiobook of the week: Zig Ziglar’s Better than Good


As you know, I don’t read books, I listen to them, or better yet, people read them to me :-) Thanks to this I’m now listening to at least one book per week, when I used to read one book per year… Recently I also listen to podcasts and one of my readers suggested I listened to Zig Ziglar’s Inspire podcast and it’s great. I never knew Zig before. After listening to his podcast for two months, I really got to like Zig and bought his book: “Better Than Good”:

Audiobook of the week: Zig Ziglar’s Better than Good

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The cool thing about this audio production is that it’s read to you by Zig himself in his nice southern accent and he’s a real joy to listen to.

A better than good life according to Zig: 3 Ps:

Zig says, to have a “better than good” life you need to follow three Ps:

Zig walks his talk at 79 and “he’s just getting started”

It’s incredible to hear to Zig talking with so much passion about life at 79 and you really can’t help to believe him that he’s just getting started. I love how he calls his wife “the redhead” and how he fosters true Christian values in a very common-sense way and truly stands by them.

Meet Zig, you won’t regret it.

I encourage you to subscribe to his podcast and get to know Zig. You’ll be happy you did. I am. Thanks for recommending Zig to me!