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Subscribe to my Team Productivity Show as an audio podcast!


Just yesterday I posted a 9th episode of the Team Productivity Show which up until now was only available on YouTube. Now you can enjoy all of the 9 past episodes in an audio form - just subscribe to it as a podcast.

Subscribe to my Team Productivity Show as an audio podcast!

Why convert a vlog to a podcast?

Because podcasts are great! You can listen while running, driving, cycling, doing dishes, vacuuming the house… you name it. And while my last show was pretty visual, the rest of my past shows and the future ones I’m going to record can be pretty well consumed in audio as well.

Each episode is short and to the point - usually only 5-10 minutes!

Unlike my other podcasts, which are much longer around 40-60 minutes per episode:

Still, you should totally subscribe to them, too!

How to subscribe to Team Productivity Show Podcast?

The cool thing is that you can just open your podcast app (I recommend Overcast) and search for:

Team Productivity

And you should find it.

Or just copy and paste this link:

Or just subscribe via Apple Podcasts

Thanks and hope to meet you… in your ear!

I’d like to thank my Nozbe team, especially Marco and Rafal (my co-host of No Office Podcast) for making it happen and helping me convert my vlog to audio.

Anyway, I really have got very ambitious plan for this show, so stay tuned for new episodes both in video and audio!

Thursday, November 12, 2020 /audio/