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Ask Michael: Which apps do you use and recommend?


AMA (Ask Michael Anything) - is a series of posts I’m running on this blog inspired by hundreds of emails I received from my readers and Nozbe users. Today I’ll share the apps I use and recommend, here goes:

Ask Michael: Which apps do you use and recommend?

The Big Three: Evernote, Dropbox and Nozbe

I already wrote about it several times, but I use these three apps extensively and I have premium accounts on all of them:

But I use more apps. I wrote about some of them in my #iPadOnly book, but here’s an updated list in a semi-random order (as seen on my iPhone 6 Plus home screen):

Whew, this list is not complete, but let’s leave it like that. Soon I’ll post my new iMac 5K setup where I’ll share what I installed on my Mac when I got it.

Question: Which apps or services do you use? Link them up in the comments!

Monday, July 13, 2015 /ama-apps/