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Almost a decade getting stuff done - how I celebrated 9 years of Nozbe?


My company Nozbe just celebrated 9 years today. Wow, it was a crazy week, an interesting year and an amazing stint so far. Not everything went as planned but I think it’s safe to say we’re on the right track. And I still can’t believe how the time flies. Just read my posts after 7 years or 8 years to compare. And this year I’m even more bullish on Nozbe than ever. Here’s why:

Almost a decade getting stuff done - how I celebrated 9 years of Nozbe?

We doubled our core team to 20+ people

Just as I wrote on my 2015 review blog post, we practically doubled our team at Nozbe in a year. And now we’re all in to capitalize on that and really find our spectacular growth. The longer I’m running Nozbe the more I realize how much more can be done. How many more people can be reached. How many you still have to convice to stop using email for collaboration. How many teams should just communicate through tasks…

This year with my bigger team we have bigger goals than ever before.

We launched Nozbe Business

It’s a big deal. And we’ve had our first customers today already sign up for Nozbe Business. It’s a whole new world for us but we’re ready. New challenges, new features, better support and most of all - helping companies implement Nozbe to literally multiply their productivity and “internal happiness” of having people get lots of stuff done in sync with each other.

I particularly love the new “shared projects” with three roles: admin, user and guest. And I can’t wait how our customers implement this in their organizations.

New logo, new design… and the best Nozbe ever

I can’t highlight enough how much I love new Nozbe 3.0 and what my team has done to make it an amazing release. I pushed them and they pushed me… and together we made miracles happen to make it the Nozbe 3.0 release for our 9th anniversary - and I say it was worth it. This year will be all about 3.X Nozbe branch, with lots enhancements, polish and great collaboration features.

9 years in… and there’s still so much to do. And it all comes down to the same 5 loves (laws) of my work. Thank you everyone who made my February 1st my own personal #NozbeDay.

As they say, the journey is the ultimate destination and I’m priviledged to have you join me. Thank you.

Question: How did you like our Nozbe 3.0 release all the goodies that came with it?

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