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7 years running Nozbe… and just getting started!


Wow, time really flies. It’s been now 7 years since I started Nozbe and I really feel I’m just getting started. Last year I published a la-la-la-la-long interview with me to give you a whole back-story explaining why and how I started Nozbe in the first place. If you haven’t read it, you should. In this short blog post I want to look at the future of my company and give you an idea of where we’re going.

7 years running Nozbe… and just getting started!

Last year was important

I had very ambitious plans for last year for Nozbe but they changed right in the middle of the year when we decided to disrupt ourselves and start building new, shiny Nozbe 2.0 which we internally call “One Nozbe”. It’s the next step for our tool which effectively will make it truly “mobile first”. It’s a fully responsive app that works beautifully (and crazy fast) on all the platforms we support.

I’m freaking out about it a little (in terms of both anxiousness and excitement)… and I think in the end you’ll be blown away. It ships this Spring. In hindsight I think it was a great investment to decide to postpone other side projects and focus on it. We needed it… and most of all - you, our customers needed it even more. You’ll see. But there’s more:

This year will be about growth

Last year we finally launched all the mobile apps and we grew both our team and our revenues (just like every past year, which is good :-) and this year is going to be even more growth oriented. I’m going to hopefully hire a great VP of marketing, build up an amazing marketing team and fire myself from this role (or at least become a consultant there :-). It’s time for that. I expect our team to grow at least 50% if not more. From 15 to at least 25 people.

We’re going to make some great moves as far as the international expansion is concerned… and we’re going to make some adjustments to our business model. These two factors should help us grow our user community significantly and take us places. I’ve been preparing both moves most of the last year so now it’s time to execute.

The “productivity” revolution is getting started!

Apart from “One Nozbe” revolution, we’ve already revolutionized the “project management space” by introducing better project sharing (watch the video below) between people who use Nozbe and people who don’t. We’re going to tweak it even more in our future releases of Nozbe.

Next thing will be a project we put on hold last year but we’ll move ahead this year. It’s going to make people really smart and really productive. I’d like to think about it as yet another revolution, but I’ll leave it for you to judge. Coming sometime around this Summer.

I’m seriously just getting started!

The problem with working on something you love is that you get to know it more over the years and you see how it can be even better… and you never get bored!

After 7 years of working on Nozbe I look at the future and I don’t see an end. I see incredible possibilities of growth, development and making our Nozbe suite of productivity apps even better for you. And that’s exactly what me and my team are focused on right now. Here’s to an amazing year for even a better Nozbe app and a more productive yourself as a result of it! :-)

Question: What do you love about Nozbe? What would you want differently? How do you use Nozbe?

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