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20 000 downloads in the first week. I’m psyched!


When we launched the magazine I was hoping for a great reception from the “productivity blogosphere” and I was dreaming of reaching a goal of 10K downloads total of the first issue of the magazine. When in the first 24 hours passed with exactly 1000 downloads, I was very optimistic about our goal… but I never expected this:

20 000 downloads in the first week. I’m psyched!

20,000 downloads in a week!

That’s right, in a little over a week (a week and a few hours) 20K busy professionals downloaded our first inaugural issue of the Productive! Magazine and the counter keeps on running!

Today is Thanksgiving so it’s a perfect time to THANK YOU MY READERS for contributing to this success!

Let me assure you we won’t fail you and deliver an even better issue #2 of the Magazine. You can expect it in January 2009. We’re already working on it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. Make sure to recommend Productive! Magazine to your friends and family. After all, everyone wants to be more productive, right?