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🔟 Steps To Ultimate Productivity At Work


Today I’ll be hosting my first webinar of 2024 and to inspire you all, I’ll be talking about the basics of productivity with particular focus on SMART business owners and work/life balance.

🔟 Steps To Ultimate Productivity At Work

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📖 Inspired by my productivity book “10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity”

My book is sold out and it was written years ago, but most of these principles still apply, but I’ve taken a new twist on most of them, especially for modern post-COVID collaboration. Here goes:

1️⃣ WRITE everything down!

This is key. Your mind 🤯 is not for storing ideas. It’s for working on them ✅. So unless a task you’ve got to complete takes longer than 🕑 2 minutes, you must write it down in your productivity system.

2️⃣ Manage your PROJECTS

If a task requires too many steps and a simple checklist will not suffice, convert it to a project. Professionals in different industries call projects different things, also cases, clients, stakeholders, shifts, campaigns…

3️⃣ Choose your PRIORITIES ⭐️

Identify the next action that moves your project forward. Grab small wins when you can to start gaining momentum. Start your day with BIG ROCKS 🪨 and do the smaller tasks later!

4️⃣ Use modern TECHNOLOGY ☁️📲

Work on any device with data stored safely in the cloud! 📃 Paper won’t synchronize with anything while 📱 your smartphone does. ☁️ Cloud is the new office 🏢.

5️⃣ Work with your TEAM 👩‍💻🧑🏽‍💻

Even a solo-preneur can use help of experts! Practice asynchronous work. “To collaborate effectively, we work individually much more.” Minimize Number Of Meetings! 🤝

6️⃣ BATCH tasks to work faster!

Group tasks by context, place, tool, person, activity or around any topic. Batch emails, calls, content pieces or things to buy! This way you can crank many more tasks in one go!

7️⃣ Manage DOCUMENTS ☁️ 🌍

📸 PAPERLESS is the future. Paper is the past. You don’t even need a scanner - smartphone does it for you. Use real-time online collaboration tools and remember about secure encryption 🔒

8️⃣ REVIEW Your System 🤔

This is what we do on Fridays at Nozbe. We review our calendar, tasks, projects, goals, data. It’s like thinking ONCE a week and acting later with a good plan. It’s a compulsory meeting with oneself.

9️⃣ NO EMAIL internally 📧

Email is only good for handshakes 🤝 but not for working together. Ban email within your team and communicate through comments in tasks in projects. Instead of “Email me” say “Task me!” ☑️

🔟 Use an app like NOZBE ✅

Duh! You don’t have to use Nozbe to apply these 10 steps but it’s what smart business owners choose to get their private and business life organized.

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